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Lassiter Chorus Winter Concert

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Adopt-a-Senior Amazing Results

Raising enough money this time of year to help fulfill modest “wish lists” for three local senior citizens in need is a worthwhile accomplishment. Raising enough to help twice as money is worthy of note. Raising enough to help ten is really amazing and should make everyone in the Lassiter Chorus community very proud.

The Lassiter Chorus collected $2,204 total ($1,661 in 2013-2014, $986 raised in 2012-13, $668 2011-12).

Thanks so much to all the students and families who helped make “Adopt-a-Senior” such a GREAT success!

The gifts were delivered to Cobb County Senior Services today. They will be wrapped and distributed to our seniors either at their annual holiday party (where our Choraliers will perform) or at their home (if they can’t attend the party).

Thank you for such a generous response. Know that you have made a huge difference in the lives of these ten senior citizens.

Merry Christmas, Margie, Charles, Gladys, Loretta, Betty, James, Hubert, Mattie, Beverly, and Hugh!

So, How Did the Yard Sale Work Out?

Oh, very well! Thanks for asking. With nearly $4,000 raised, our fundraising for the year is done.

  • We improved our results by 22% over last year!
  • Two collectible cookie jars were donated and are being sold on ebay. Once those sell, we’ll know the final tally.

Special thanks to the following!

  • Cheryl Rogers and It’s My Party Table Rental for arranging tables at no expense to Chorus
  • Molly Bower for soliciting concessions donations at Starbucks, Kroger, Biscuits ‘n More, and Publix
  • The parents who brought in extra tables we needed in a pinch
  • Mrs. Doemel (Orchestra teacher) who allowed us to use her room for the sale
  • Kay Knight, Leah Perry, Sara Basler for placing signs prior to the sale
  • All parents and students who donated their time and no-longer-wanted treasures!
  • Sara Basler for being ever-present at the sale as my right hand woman
  • Hiram Carden for keeping Chorus students and families informed via our website
  • AADD for picking up remaining items
  • I am sure there are more I am forgetting

Adopt-a-Senior Program is Back!

Lassiter Chorus families:

This holiday season, the Lassiter Chorus is again going to “adopt” 3 low-income Cobb County senior citizens in need, by participating in the county’s “Adopt-a-Senior” program. Our seniors this year are Gladys (79), Charles (78), and Margie (91).

Here is how it will work…

We are planning for each of our three chorus groups to “adopt” one senior citizen. This will involve students contributing/collecting money for use toward fulfilling the “wish list” for their senior citizen (“Senior”). Gifts on our seniors lists this year prescription gift card, Ensure, pair of blue jeans, comforter and sheet set, and diabetic socks.

Cash or check donations (any checks should be written to LCBA) can be placed in the appropriate collection jug in the chorus room. Please write your student’s choral group and “Adopt-a-Senior” on checks, or write this information on an envelope if containing cash, so we will know which group to allocate the money to. Our donation deadline for the “Adopt-a-Senior” program is Friday, November 14. At that point, “shoppers” from each choral group will use the money to purchase items for each senior and I will deliver the gifts to Cobb County Senior Organization for distribution at their holiday party or for delivery to the senior’s home just after the party.

We hope our chorus families will join together to provide for these senior citizens through our sheer numbers and enthusiasm! No contribution is too small or large. Participation is, of course, voluntary, and we do not want any family to feel pressured to give. Simply give what you would like and what you can afford.

Last year our efforts were a huge success. We raised $1,661 (nearly twice as much as the year before). With that money, we were able to fill our 3 seniors’ wish list and those of 4 additional seniors!

Have your teen look for their group’s donation jug in the Chorus room. All questions should be directed to Deb Speed. Thank you for being a part of this wonderful program.

Deb Speed
404-433-0663 cell

Tigeroar at Lassiter

Clemson’s premiere all-male a capella group came to Lassiter on November 3rd and even sang right to our own Bella P from Camerata Chorale! IMG_3075

Fall Concert on Tue, Oct 14 at 7:30p



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