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What Shall I Wear!?

Lassiter Chorus, ready to perform for nearly any situation, uses several performance outfits. In each situation, I have tried to minimize the cost as much as possible.

Remember, all checks should be made payable to LCBA (Lassiter Chorus Booster Association).

Formal Performance Attire
Girls: Lieder dress with white front panel + necklace ($70, includes shipping) paired with closed-toed, reasonably heeled, black dress shoes.
Boys: Standard black tuxedo (King Tux Rental offers a Lassiter Chorus discount) paired with black dress shoes (not necessarily patent leather). We will not use the wingtip collar or bow ties, but a more standard collar for a long dress tie that is being made specifically for Lassiter Chorus. Tom from King Tux came out and measured our guys. Cost for tux and shirt is $100. Boys who already have a tux will only need the new shirt ($20). LCBA will purchase and own the ties.

Casual Performance Attire
For both boys and girls, the chorus polo ($20) will be used sometime with jeans and other times with black slacks.

Impromptu (around school) Performances
The chorus T-shirt for the year for everyone is free with paid LCBA membership ($10 otherwise)

Girls: dress+necklace $70, necklace only $8
Boys: tux and tux shirt $100, tux shirt only $20
Both: polo $20, 2014-15 chorus T-shirt $10 (free with paid LCBA membership)

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Congratulations to the 2014-2015 Choraliers!

Congratulations to the 2014-2015 Choraliers!

Carolyn Einertson
Claire Perry
Anna Wang
Lauren Brewer
Nina Alamè
Felicia Inomata
Rachel Baum
Madi Lang
Taylor Fernandez
Jordan Fast
Stephanie Lilly
Lauren Burnette
Cammie Speed
Ashley Walls
Bella Sullivan
Macy Fehl
Emily O’Toole
Katie Speed
Daniel Mata
Daniel Harper
Riley Carson
Luis Mata
Chase Morris
Khalil Alamè
Charlie Rogers
Eric Sturniolo
Blake Emmons
Robert Longyear
Robert Murphy
Dean Emert

Put Your Extra Stuff to Good Use for the Chorus in October!

The Lassiter Chorus Booster Association once again invites you to donate your non-clothing, pre-priced items that are in good condition to the annual Lassiter Chorus Yard Sale!

Saturday, October 18 from 9a-3p in the Lassiter Chorus and Orchestra Rooms

No clothing, no stuffed animals, no child safety seats, no cribs, and no mattresses!

Item Selection and Pricing Guide

Drop off your items on Friday, October 17 from 5-8p outside the Chorus Room with helpful students and get your tax receipt.

All unsold items will be donated to a local charity.

Volunteers are needed (watch for a link here to sign up)! Cover just a two-hour shift on Friday (set-up, donation receiving) or Saturday (cashiers, table organizing, concessions, and take-down/clean-up).

Contact Deb Speed (404-433-0663 debspeed@comcast.net) or Toni Fehl (770-605-9389 tonifehl@comcast.net)

Get service hours and letter points!

So that we can make sure we have adequate space available, email Deb Speed as soon as possible with your:

  • Name
  • Student’s name
  • Contact phone number
  • A general idea of what you will donate

Thanks in advance for your generous support! With your help, this will be a great, fun, and profitable fundraiser.

Keep Up With LHS Chorus via Remind Service

Like Dr. Williams mentioned last night at the chorus parent meeting, Remind is a great, modern way for him to pass along timely information to his students – and their parents!

Read more about the service or follow the instructions below to sign up for text or email messages.

Class Codes
choruslhs – All Students and Parents
lhsintmx – 3rd period Intermediate Mixed
lhsconchor – 4th period Concert Chorale
lhswomcho – 5th period Women’s Choral
lhstourcho – Paris Tour Choir

Use Your Phone to Sign Up for Text Messages

Text class code from above (preceded by @, for example, @choruslhs) to 409-440-3291. To stop receiving the messages at any time, reply with unsubscribe @choruslhs.

Use Email to Sign Up for Email Messages
Send an email to the class code above (for example, choruslhs@mail.remind.com). To stop receiving the messages at any time reply with unsubscribe in the subject line.

Use Web Site to Sign Up for Text or Email Messages

  1. Go to https://www.remind.com/join
  2. Click the button labelled I’m a Student or Parent.
  3. Enter the class code from above in the class code field
  4. Click the Enter button on-screen
  5. Choose Phone or Email and enter your phone number or email in the text field
  6. Click the Enter button on-screen

Chorus Contact Form

Chorus Google Doc Form


President: Charlie R.

Vice Presidents: Carolyn E. & Robert L.

Executive Secretary: Dalton M.

Assistant Secretaries: Gemma P. & Samantha S.

Outreach & Recruiting: Sydney T. & Chase M.

Middle School Liaisons: Felicia I. & McCall D.

Public Relations: Claire P. & Anna W.

Historians: Macy F. & Elyssa H.

Librarian: Jordan W.

Congrats to all!

Congratulations to Valedictorian Savanah Jackle!

We are so proud that one of our very own is again the Lassiter Valedictorian.  Following in the footsteps of Nathan Hipsman, 2008 Valedictorian and current doctoral candidate at Harvard University, Savanah Jackle, Chorus President of 2013-2014, worked diligently, took a rigorous course of study, shared her musical gifts with her classmates, and simply led by example.

Saying Savanah accomplished a lot during her Senior year would be an understatement. Not only did she serve as the Lassiter Chorus President but also arranged and conducted one the selections for Lassiter Ladies that was performed on the Spring Concert, all while serving as writer and host for the show.

Savanah also won a $500 LCBA Chorus Scholarship.  In her essay, Savanah described the impact Lassiter Chorus had on her: 

I have become more outgoing and confident because Dr. Williams and all the students in that room make me feel like I can do anything I set my mind to.  With Chorus it is not just a class; it is truly a family. Chorus has given me a reason to be excited to come to school each and every day of my high school career.  Chorus has taught me how to embrace the future.  I know there will be obstacles I have to fight my way through but in the end it will all be worth it.  Choral music became important to me when I realized how truly amazing it is.  Some of the hardest pieces have been my favorites because I truly appreciate the texts, rhythms and notes…and finally, regarding the President Office….I have helped make important decisions to make this year the best yet.  I have proudly been a role model for all underclassmen in my academics, social life, and chorus life!


Thank you, Savanah, for all you have done. Lassiter Chorus applauds you and your work!Image


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