What Shall I Wear? Updated with Tux Form

Lassiter Chorus, ready to perform for nearly any situation, uses several performance outfits. In each situation, I have tried to minimize the cost as much as possible.

Remember, all checks should be made payable to LCBA (Lassiter Chorus Booster Association).

Tux Order Form

Formal Performance Attire
Girls: Lieder dress with white front panel + necklace ($70, includes shipping) paired with closed-toed, reasonably heeled, black dress shoes.
Boys: Standard black tuxedo (King Tux Rental offers a Lassiter Chorus discount) paired with black dress shoes (not necessarily patent leather). We will not use the wingtip collar or bow ties, but a more standard collar for a long dress tie that is being made specifically for Lassiter Chorus. Tom from King Tux came out and measured our guys. Cost for jacket, pants, shirt, and garmetn bag is $117.99. The cost for the individual pieces: jacket $74.99, pants $29.99, shirst $19.99, and garment bag is $10. Lassiter Chorus will supply the tie.

Casual Performance Attire
For both boys and girls, the chorus polo ($20) will be used sometime with jeans and other times with black slacks.

Impromptu (around school) Performances
The chorus T-shirt for the year for everyone is free with paid LCBA membership ($15 otherwise)

Girls: dress+necklace $70, necklace only $8
Boys: jacket, pants, shirt, and garmet bag $117.99 (jacket $74.99, pants $29.99, shirt $19.99, garment bag $10)
Both: polo $20, 2015-2016 chorus T-shirt $15


No Spirit Wear? Let’s Fix That!

Your 2015-2016 Lassiter Chorus fall spirit wear options are here! See them in class on Thu, Sep 10, then print the form to make your selections by the deadline (Thu, Sep 17).

Full Catalog
2015-2016 Spirit Wear Order Form

As usual, place your completed form with payment (make checks out to LCBA) in an envelope and drop them in the box in the chorus room.

Make Lassiter v. Roswell WSB TV’s Sports Zone Game of the Week!

Lassiter is in the running to be this week’s WSB-TV Sports Zone Game of the Week.

YOU can help make it happen! Vote online, then like or share or retweet for 25 bonus votes!


  • News live shots with Zach Klein
  • Highlights of game, students, cheerleaders on TV
  • Trophy presentation to the winner by former UGA and Falcon’s D.J. Shockley

BONUS! This game would bring Lassiter’s own Charlie Rogers and Dalton Muzyka back to Lassiter since they’re on the crew. Please share to make this happen!

Reminders About Why Chorus Matters

Reflections from Dr. Williams from tonight’s Open House…


“Music is not the only worthy human pursuit, not perhaps even the most important one. Science helps us to observe and understand the world we live in and mathematics equips us with strategies that help us learn how to reason. History roots us in our past, allowing us to build on the lessons of prior experience, while literature gives texture and definition to the context of our human journey. Each of these disciplines is vital; each offers tangible value.

But chorus provides something unique and irreplaceable; it helps us think, create, and feel. Practical souls who are tempted to dismiss chorus as a luxury may want to recall the devastation unleashed in recent history by those who learned how NOT to feel. This is ultimately why chorus matters. It enables us to live empathetically; to feel as well as to think, to make sense of what we experience, and to CONNECT to others and the world around us. To be fully alive requires nothing less.”

Congratulations to the 2015-2016 Choraliers!

Congratulations to the 2015-2016 Choraliers!

Felicia Inomata
Anna Wang
Abigail Findley
E. M. Bower
Virginia Langmaid
Aditi Deo
Sophie Gruber
Madie Lang
Shelby Moss
Emily O’Toole
Corina Yanes
Hallie Roberts
Ashley Walls
Kelsie Stone
Lacey Moss
Tori Ikpeamarom
Samantha Sanderford
Morgan Carson
Chase Morris
Riley Carson
Khalil Alame
Jackson Schroeder
Will Cole
Quilin Cooper
Cullen Findley
Thad Barrington
Michael Rincon
Carter Crenshaw
Jacob Janes
Chris Sterling

Parent Night Tue, Aug 11 at 7p in Concert Hall

On the agenda for the meeting are the following:

  • Dr. Williams’ goals for the year
  • Girls Dress sizing
  • Join Lassiter Chorus Booster Association
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Learn about the community-wide yard sale
  • Check out the cool new spirit wear
  • Guys will hear how to get your tux

Please bring your checkbook so you can pay for what your student may still have a need for regarding the mandatory uniform components – dress & pearls, polo, and uniform t-shirt. Note: One free uniform t-shirt per family when you join LCBA by Fri, Aug 14! Please make all checks payable to LCBA.

We know it is impossible to fit all ladies who need dresses within the time frame of the meeting, so we encourage those who can to come before the Parent Meeting between 6:00 – 7:00 PM. Bring your checkbook so you can pay for your necessary uniform items – dress & pearls, polo, and uniform t-shirt.

LCBA membership drive is under way! Your generous financial support plays a huge role in allowing Lassiter Chorus to remain one of the top Chorus programs anywhere! Please print the membership form and bring it with you tonight to the mandatory Parent Meeting, or place in an envelope, along with your check to LCBA, and send to school with your student to be dropped in the LCBA box in the Chorus room. Those families that join before Fri, Aug 14 will receive one free uniform t-shirt. If needed, more t-shirts can be purchased. Your membership is very important to Lassiter Chorus and we thank you for your support!

Student Officers 2015-2016

Emily O’Toole, Samantha Sanderford

Vice Presidents
Felicia Inomata, Anna Wang

Executive Secretary
Chase Morris

Megan Lee, Amanda Miller, Jacque Power

Public Relations
Sophie Gruber, Madi Lang

Middle School Liaisons
Shanetta Cummings, Ashley Lavender

Outreach and Recruitment
Ashley Walls

Assistant Outreach and Recruitment
Melina Ianiello, Heidi Middeke

Elyssa Hochberger, Caroline Knight, Se-Se Rueten

Thanks to all who applied!


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