When Did the Site Become a Blog? And WHY?!

I’m glad you asked! That’s a great way for me to introduce myself. I’m Hiram Carden, the site’s new webmaster. I’m happy to be a member of the 2012-2013 Lassiter Chorus Booster Association. My daughter is Claire Carden, a happy Lassiter Chorus sophomore this year.

I was handed the reins of lassiterchorus.com from Bob Young, the site’s webmaster for quite a few years. During his tenure, Bob made the site a go-to destination for lots of great information.

Here are some of the reasons that I think the site will function better in a blog format, going forward.

  • Streamlined publishing in a familiar, structured format (accessible by computer or mobile device)
  • Many ways to access site information (visit the site or use RSS feed)
  • Additional contributors (students, parents, LCBA board, Lassiter staff)

Here are some ideas I have for enhancing the site. You (the site’s visitors: students, parents, and Lassiter staff) can help by offering your ideas and content for posts.

  • Share your videos of Lassiter Chorus performances on YouTube and send me the link
  • Create a public photo album on a sharing site and send me the link
  • Ongoing series of posts called “What Lassiter Chorus Means To Me”; a chance for students, parents, and Lassiter staff to share their thoughts on the program


One thought on “When Did the Site Become a Blog? And WHY?!

  1. Hiram,

    Congratulations on a great looking new site for the Lassiter Chorus. Best wishes to you and all the chorus board members and singers for the upcoming year!

    Bob Young

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