LGPE Performance Day Schedule

Dear Singers,

The following is the first attempt of trying to develop a plan about how things will work on Thursday, March 13th…LGPE performance day.  I am sure some things will be overlooked so this plan is not definite yet.  Remember, no one connected with this event may change clothes in the Concert Hall.  The following is arranged by performance order:

Women’s Chorale (8:40 – 10:00)

8:20 am – report to Concert Hall already in your performance attire.  After sight singing (10:00 am), you will return to the Concert Hall to listen to other choirs perform.  Quiet at all times.

11:10 – return to main building to change clothes and return to 4th period.  You will miss periods 1-3.

Concert Chorale (10:20 – 11:40)

9:19 (ASE) Change into Concert Attire.

10:00 – Be in Concert Hall.

11:40 – Sight singing ends/during regular 4th period – you may change out of attire and eat lunch (haven’t figured this out yet).  Carry on with the rest of the day unless you are in Choraliers.

Choraliers (12:00 noon – 1:20 pm)

Felicia Inomata, Anna Wang, Emily O’Toole, Ashley Walls released at 11:30 to change.  All Choraliers meet in Concert Hall by 11:50.  Upon completion, you may change, eat lunch or both but you should return to 6th period as soon as possible.

Women’s Chamber Chorale (2:40 – 4:00 pm)

Change into performance attire during 5th period.  If you have lunch 6th period, eat lunch during 5th and change.  After changing, come to Concert Hall and remain until completion.

Men of Troy (4:40 – 6:00)

Vocal Project should report to Concert Hall for Class.

4:00 pm – All men should be dressed in Concert Attire and meet in Concert Hall.  We will find a spot somewhere to rehearse before warm-up time.  I have not worked out food at this point.

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