Choral Performance Evaluations – All Superiors

Last week, Lassiter Chorus performed in the District XII Choral Performance Evaluations.  All five of our choruses earned superior ratings, the highest scores possible, in both Performance and Sight Reading.  While choruses do not compete against one another, I still say “We Won!”

You can hear our choruses on Tuesday evening at 7:00 pm in the Concert Hall at the Lassiter Choral Cluster Concert!

 Here are just some of the comments the judges wrote to the kids (make sure to look at the last one!)


Super job of pitch maintenance in “Magnum”

Nice understanding of Latin word stress.

Solid Work.

Gorgeous Tone.  Full of beautiful resonance!

Fabulous Work.

Enjoyed hearing you today.

A beautiful forward round sound.

Very Nice!

Great Zest!

Great singing

Good sensitivity to both texts!


It was Most musical!

Great attention to the conductor.

You guys have a round, rich tone. Good training is evident.

Vowel unity is superb.

Nice energetic, ringing tone. I love the purity of your tone.

Intonation is excellent!

It was exquisite!

Lots of rhythmic energy evident.

Nice sense of Renaissance rhythms

Nice free tone production

Great sense of Renaissance style.

Phrasing and styles are both solid!

A truly excellent chorus!

Soprano part especially impressive. Floating high A! Terrific!

Wonderful Work!

Awesome syncopations.



Fortes are Great!

Fine balance anchored by solid bass foundation

Yes! You have been taught well and you learned well!

Stanford (composer) would be proud!

Great contrast of sound and color.

Vowel work is impeccable.

I hear a wonderful blend!

Enjoyed your performance!

Pianos and pianissimos are especially beautiful.

Great attention to long notes.

Right on!

A joy to hear you!

College level. A model for other high school programs!

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