What Shall I Wear!?

Lassiter Chorus, ready to perform for nearly any situation, uses several performance outfits. In each situation, I have tried to minimize the cost as much as possible.

Remember, all checks should be made payable to LCBA (Lassiter Chorus Booster Association).

Formal Performance Attire
Girls: Lieder dress with white front panel + necklace ($70, includes shipping) paired with closed-toed, reasonably heeled, black dress shoes.
Boys: Standard black tuxedo (King Tux Rental offers a Lassiter Chorus discount) paired with black dress shoes (not necessarily patent leather). We will not use the wingtip collar or bow ties, but a more standard collar for a long dress tie that is being made specifically for Lassiter Chorus. Tom from King Tux came out and measured our guys. Cost for tux and shirt is $100. Boys who already have a tux will only need the new shirt ($20). LCBA will purchase and own the ties.

Casual Performance Attire
For both boys and girls, the chorus polo ($20) will be used sometime with jeans and other times with black slacks.

Impromptu (around school) Performances
The chorus T-shirt for the year for everyone is free with paid LCBA membership ($10 otherwise)

Girls: dress+necklace $70, necklace only $8
Boys: tux and tux shirt $100, tux shirt only $20
Both: polo $20, 2014-15 chorus T-shirt $10 (free with paid LCBA membership)

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