So, How Did the Yard Sale Work Out?

Oh, very well! Thanks for asking. With nearly $4,000 raised, our fundraising for the year is done.

  • We improved our results by 22% over last year!
  • Two collectible cookie jars were donated and are being sold on ebay. Once those sell, we’ll know the final tally.

Special thanks to the following!

  • Cheryl Rogers and It’s My Party Table Rental for arranging tables at no expense to Chorus
  • Molly Bower for soliciting concessions donations at Starbucks, Kroger, Biscuits ‘n More, and Publix
  • The parents who brought in extra tables we needed in a pinch
  • Mrs. Doemel (Orchestra teacher) who allowed us to use her room for the sale
  • Kay Knight, Leah Perry, Sara Basler for placing signs prior to the sale
  • All parents and students who donated their time and no-longer-wanted treasures!
  • Sara Basler for being ever-present at the sale as my right hand woman
  • Hiram Carden for keeping Chorus students and families informed via our website
  • AADD for picking up remaining items
  • I am sure there are more I am forgetting
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