Reminders About Why Chorus Matters

Reflections from Dr. Williams from tonight’s Open House…


“Music is not the only worthy human pursuit, not perhaps even the most important one. Science helps us to observe and understand the world we live in and mathematics equips us with strategies that help us learn how to reason. History roots us in our past, allowing us to build on the lessons of prior experience, while literature gives texture and definition to the context of our human journey. Each of these disciplines is vital; each offers tangible value.

But chorus provides something unique and irreplaceable; it helps us think, create, and feel. Practical souls who are tempted to dismiss chorus as a luxury may want to recall the devastation unleashed in recent history by those who learned how NOT to feel. This is ultimately why chorus matters. It enables us to live empathetically; to feel as well as to think, to make sense of what we experience, and to CONNECT to others and the world around us. To be fully alive requires nothing less.”

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