The Plans for LGPE

March 3 & 4, 2016   All performances in the Lassiter Concert Hall

Thursday, March 3, 2016

CHORALIERS – report to Concert Hall in performance attire at 9:19 (ASE). Warm-up at 9:40, perform at 10:00; completed by 11:00 a.m.; return to classes at beginning of 4th period J.

CONCERT CHORALE – report to Concert Hall 5:15 pm. In performance attire; warm-up at 5:40 pm; perform at 6:00; completed by 7:00 pm.

Friday, March 4, 2016

WOMEN OF TROY – report to school in performance attire at 8:20 am in Concert Hall. No book bags. Warm up at 8:40; perform at 9:00; completed by 10:00 am. Must return to class at beginning of 3rd period (10:39 am). Put your change of closes/book bags someplace other than the chorus room.

MEN OF TROY – released at beginning of 2nd period (9:40 am); Change and meet in Concert Hall at 10:20 am; Warmup at 10:40; Perform at 11:00; completed by 12:00 pm. Concert Chorale boys change and go to 5th period. Camerata Chorale guys remain in tuxes. Camerata Boys go back to Concert Hall.

CAMERATA CHORALE – Guys in Concert Hall, Girls released from class 12:37 pm (5th period); Girls change, meet in Concert Hall at 1:00 pm. Camerata Warm up at 1:20, perform at 1:40; completed by 2:40 pm. Report to 7th period.

WOMEN’S CHORALE – 5th period class in Concert Hall. Perhaps change back into performance attire before coming to CH. Go to 6th period. Released at 2:35 (7th pd.); report to Concert Hall in Attire at 3:00 pm.; Warm up at 3:20; perform at 3:40; completed by 4:40. You will need alternate transportation home.


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