2016 -2017 Choraliers

Congratulations to next year’s Choraliers, the first group to have Choraliers as a class.  Due to the small number of students interested, the Select Women’s Ensemble did not make for next year.  I want each person on this list to no longer think of yourself as a Tenor or Soprano, but as a SINGER, ready to sing any part that helps the choir.  Again, congratulations.  I look forward to working with you.

Khalil Alamé

Terry Andry

Miranda Cabrera

Morgan Carson

Will Cole

Quilin Cooper

Carter Crenshaw

Aditi Deo

Kate Edwards

Cullen Findley

Abigail Findley

Meredith Franklin

Abigail Higginbotham

Tori Ikpeamarom

Carter Inomata

Jacob Janes

Caroline Kenney

Sarah Langmaid

Virginia Langmaid

Jackson Larisch

Jared Latham

Megan Lee

Susanna Long

Whitney Merkel

Georgie Miller

Shelby Moss

Annabel O’Toole

Michael Rincon

Hallie Roberts

Kane Schitea

Jackson Schroeder

Corina Yanes

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