Keep Up With LHS Chorus via Remind Service

Remind is a great, modern way for Dr. Williams to pass along timely information to his students – and their parents!

Read more about the service or follow the instructions below to sign up for text or email messages.

Class Codes
lassiterc – All Students and Parents
e29dd4 – 4th period Concert Chorale
e29dd4f – 5th period Camerata Chorale
e29dd4f6 – 6th period Women’s Chorale
e29dd4f67 – Choraliers
3dg9g – Tour Choir

Use Your Phone to Sign Up for Text Messages

Text class code from above (preceded by @, for example, @lassiterc) to 409-440-3291. To stop receiving the messages at any time, reply with unsubscribe @lassiterc.

Use Email to Sign Up for Email Messages
Send an email to the class code above (for example, To stop receiving the messages at any time reply with unsubscribe in the subject line.

Use Web Site to Sign Up for Text or Email Messages

  1. Go to
  2. Click the button labelled I’m a Student or Parent.
  3. Enter the class code from above in the class code field
  4. Click the Enter button on-screen
  5. Choose Phone or Email and enter your phone number or email in the text field
  6. Click the Enter button on-screen
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