The National Anthem at the Braves!

Dear Students and Parents,

I want you to know how we do things regarding our performance of the National Anthem at SunTrust Park on Wednesday, 23 August 2017.

Students are encouraged to come to the chorus room after school rather than go home.  Belongings may be left in the chorus room.  All singers should be in the Chorus room by 4:30 pm for a rehearsal until 5:00.  In terms of standing arrangements, Choralier and Concert Chorale Basses and Tenors should be in 4-5 rows towards the center of the group. Choralier and Concert Chorale Sopranos should be to the boys right and altos to the boys’ left.  Older students towards the front; younger students towards the back two rows.  Camerata Women and Women’s Chorale will be towards the end of the rows determined by voice part.

At 5:00 pm, the buses should arrive and we will load up.  You will have an assigned bus.  Unless I tell you differently, you will ride the same bus back to Lassiter after the game.  We are to enter at the 3rd base Gate where a Braves representative will join us.  You will be given your ticket when getting off the bus. Parents/non singers will then go to their seats and we will go to an area where we will line up again and rehearse several more times.  Remember that you must watch the conductor at all times while performing.  The echo on the field WILL BE disconcerting.  You must watch the hand!  Once the performance has concluded, we will go back to the holding area, you will retrieve your belongings, and we will walk up to our seats.  Once you are at your seat, you may then go purchase food, use the restroom, etc…  You are not to ever go anywhere alone; take a buddy.  Please do not make any new non-chorus friends on this trip.

Just after the 7th inning stretch, we will start making our way out of the stadium and walk to our buses.  Once roll is called, you are to text your parents/rides that they should head to Lassiter and wait for us to return.  Please DO NOT use an UBER or LYFT as we cannot guarantee your safety. You will not have to check out with the teachers once we return to Lassiter.  Retrieve your belongings from the Chorus Room and go home.  Usually, this is sometime around 10:00 pm.

If your parents are driving to the game and you are riding home with them, please provide a note in class on Wednesday to that end.  Before the 7th inning stretch, a parent should come to our area and “check you out” from either Dr. Williams or Ms. Alderman.  You must carry your bookbag to the stadium on the bus because the Chorus Room will be locked and you won’t be able to get in until we return. Your ultimate goal is for Lassiter Chorus to be pictured on the JumboTron as many times as possible!  I think the record is 8 times!

Go Braves!

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