Fine Arts Diploma Seal

Fine Arts Diploma Seal

Submit the online application for fine arts diploma seal and email your PowerPoint presentation by Tuesday, Mar 28 at 3:30p!

If you have any questions, please contact your fine arts teacher or email

To the Class of 2017 Fine Arts Students,

The Lassiter Fine Arts Department has been granted permission by the Georgia State Board of Education to award the brand new Fine Arts diploma seal, beginning with this current Senior Class 2017.

See the requirements below, which must be completed by noon of March 28, 2017.

  1. Students must complete four years of a fine arts class as an enrolled student. Audit students are not eligible for this honor. Transcripts will be verified.Chorus, Band, and Orchestra: all four years in the program.
    Visual Art: three years of a visual art class plus one of the following options:
    A. One additional year of visual art
    B. AP Art History
  2. Participate in two fine arts related extracurricular (outside of regular school hours) activities. This means activities associated with your specific subject area and requires extra commitment and effort. Examples of the types of activities include:Tri-M National Music Honor Society
    National Art Honor Society
    Marching Band
    Vocal Valentines
    Jazz Band
    Tour Choir
    Tour Orchestra
    Percussion Ensemble
    Winter Guard
    Color Guard
    Drama Club
    Leadership/Officers in chorus, band, and orchestra
    All State Chorus, Orchestra, Band
    District Honor Ensembles
    Preparation for All State, Honor Ensembles, GHP
    Governors Honors Program
    Band/Orchestra camp
    Braves/hawks/College game performances
    Tutoring middle school and fellow high school student
    Taking private lessons
    Community event performances
    Kiwanis Entertainment Contests
    PTSA Reflections
    Musical or play inclusion
    Foundation for Hospital art
    Teacher preparation Assistance
    Performing at local nursing homes
    Creating art work for school and community
    Other: as approved by the instructor
  3. Twenty hours of community service related to the arts over the four-year period at Lassiter. Concerts and rehearsals beyond the school day are considered community service hours. Students must account for the minimum of 20 hours verified by parent and teacher.
  4. Present a 3 to 5-minute capstone project for a panel of Lassiter teachers. The presentation should be summarized and demonstrated by using a PowerPoint presentation focusing on your experiences in the fine arts program at Lassiter. You must include statements and explanations about how the fine art program has impacted your life and predict how your involvement will impact your future self. Presentation times will be assigned after the March 28, 2017 deadline. Email your PowerPoint file to when you submit your online application.


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