Lassiter Chorus Officers 2016-2017

President – Megan Lee Vice Presidents – Carter Crenshaw & Amanda Miller Secretary – Shanetta Cummings Assistant Secretaries – Julia Balot & Meredith Franklin Historians – Tori Ikpeamarom & Sofia De Los Rios Assistant Historian – Lexi Baxter Outreach and Recruitment – Thad Barrington & Kari Gormanos Assistant Outreach & Recruitment – Melina Ianniello &Continue reading “Lassiter Chorus Officers 2016-2017”

Congratulations for LGPE Ratings

Lassiter’s Six Choruses that performed for the Georgia Music Educators Large Group Performance Evaluations on March 3 – 4 all rated Superior from each of the three performance adjudicators.  Some of their comments include: Great Vitality and energy; balance and blend quite good; Lovely tone quality. Very free and nicely supported; very good even inContinue reading “Congratulations for LGPE Ratings”