Here is the dvd order form that should be submitted with your payment.  Thanks for a great Fall Concert!


Keep Up With LHS Chorus via Remind Service

Remind is a great, modern way for Dr. Williams to pass along timely information to his students – and their parents!

Read more about the service or follow the instructions below to sign up for text or email messages.

Class Codes
lassiterc – All Students and Parents
e29dd4 – 4th period Concert Chorale
e29dd4f – 5th period Camerata Chorale
e29dd4f6 – 6th period Women’s Chorale
e29dd4f67 – Choraliers
3dg9g – Tour Choir

Use Your Phone to Sign Up for Text Messages

Text class code from above (preceded by @, for example, @lassiterc) to 409-440-3291. To stop receiving the messages at any time, reply with unsubscribe @lassiterc.

Use Email to Sign Up for Email Messages
Send an email to the class code above (for example, lassiterc@mail.remind.com). To stop receiving the messages at any time reply with unsubscribe in the subject line.

Use Web Site to Sign Up for Text or Email Messages

  1. Go to https://www.remind.com/join
  2. Click the button labelled I’m a Student or Parent.
  3. Enter the class code from above in the class code field
  4. Click the Enter button on-screen
  5. Choose Phone or Email and enter your phone number or email in the text field
  6. Click the Enter button on-screen

Lassiter Chorus Officers 2016-2017

President – Megan Lee

Vice Presidents – Carter Crenshaw & Amanda Miller

Secretary – Shanetta Cummings

Assistant Secretaries – Julia Balot & Meredith Franklin

Historians – Tori Ikpeamarom & Sofia De Los Rios

Assistant Historian – Lexi Baxter

Outreach and Recruitment – Thad Barrington & Kari Gormanos

Assistant Outreach & Recruitment – Melina Ianniello & Heidi Middeke

Public Relations – Ashley Lavender

Assistant Public Relations – Anna Jacobson & Emilee Parker

Middle School Liaison – Nicole Belongia (M) & Serena Butler (S)


2016 -2017 Choraliers

Congratulations to next year’s Choraliers, the first group to have Choraliers as a class.  Due to the small number of students interested, the Select Women’s Ensemble did not make for next year.  I want each person on this list to no longer think of yourself as a Tenor or Soprano, but as a SINGER, ready to sing any part that helps the choir.  Again, congratulations.  I look forward to working with you.

Khalil Alamé

Terry Andry

Miranda Cabrera

Morgan Carson

Will Cole

Quilin Cooper

Carter Crenshaw

Aditi Deo

Kate Edwards

Cullen Findley

Abigail Findley

Meredith Franklin

Abigail Higginbotham

Tori Ikpeamarom

Carter Inomata

Jacob Janes

Caroline Kenney

Sarah Langmaid

Virginia Langmaid

Jackson Larisch

Jared Latham

Megan Lee

Susanna Long

Whitney Merkel

Georgie Miller

Shelby Moss

Annabel O’Toole

Michael Rincon

Hallie Roberts

Kane Schitea

Jackson Schroeder

Corina Yanes

Let’s Meet Out West for the Banquet!

Turn in completed form with $15/ticket payment (checks payable to LCBA) by Mon, Apr 25!

Lassiter High School Chorus Western BBQ Banquet
Saturday May 7th, 2016 – 12:30 PM
Roswell United Methodist Church (814 Mimosa Blvd., Roswell 30075)

Doors open for Seniors @ 12:00. All others at 12:15

Lunch provided by The Original Williamson Brothers BBQ

Your choice of sandwich (BBQ chicken, BBQ pork, or vegetarian) and BBQ beans, macaroni and cheese, cole slaw, and cookie.

Questions – Contact Amy Cummins at 770-578-1864

Congratulations for LGPE Ratings

Lassiter’s Six Choruses that performed for the Georgia Music Educators Large Group Performance Evaluations on March 3 – 4 all rated Superior from each of the three performance adjudicators.  Some of their comments include:

Great Vitality and energy; balance and blend quite good; Lovely tone quality. Very free and nicely supported; very good even in softer sections; Beautiful tone! Bravo!; Great sense of ensemble; Wonderful use of phrases and dynamics; Brilliant; you were very sensitive to melodic lines of importance; Thank you for incredible music making…

The judging forms can be viewed in the Chorus room!  Congrats to Women’s Chorale, Camerata Chorale, Concert Chorale, Women of Troy, Men of Troy, and Choraliers!


The Plans for LGPE

March 3 & 4, 2016   All performances in the Lassiter Concert Hall

Thursday, March 3, 2016

CHORALIERS – report to Concert Hall in performance attire at 9:19 (ASE). Warm-up at 9:40, perform at 10:00; completed by 11:00 a.m.; return to classes at beginning of 4th period J.

CONCERT CHORALE – report to Concert Hall 5:15 pm. In performance attire; warm-up at 5:40 pm; perform at 6:00; completed by 7:00 pm.

Friday, March 4, 2016

WOMEN OF TROY – report to school in performance attire at 8:20 am in Concert Hall. No book bags. Warm up at 8:40; perform at 9:00; completed by 10:00 am. Must return to class at beginning of 3rd period (10:39 am). Put your change of closes/book bags someplace other than the chorus room.

MEN OF TROY – released at beginning of 2nd period (9:40 am); Change and meet in Concert Hall at 10:20 am; Warmup at 10:40; Perform at 11:00; completed by 12:00 pm. Concert Chorale boys change and go to 5th period. Camerata Chorale guys remain in tuxes. Camerata Boys go back to Concert Hall.

CAMERATA CHORALE – Guys in Concert Hall, Girls released from class 12:37 pm (5th period); Girls change, meet in Concert Hall at 1:00 pm. Camerata Warm up at 1:20, perform at 1:40; completed by 2:40 pm. Report to 7th period.

WOMEN’S CHORALE – 5th period class in Concert Hall. Perhaps change back into performance attire before coming to CH. Go to 6th period. Released at 2:35 (7th pd.); report to Concert Hall in Attire at 3:00 pm.; Warm up at 3:20; perform at 3:40; completed by 4:40. You will need alternate transportation home.