Reminders About Why Chorus Matters

Reflections from Dr. Williams from tonight’s Open House… “Music is not the only worthy human pursuit, not perhaps even the most important one. Science helps us to observe and understand the world we live in and mathematics equips us with strategies that help us learn how to reason. History roots us in our past, allowing […]

Congratulations to the 2015-2016 Choraliers!

Congratulations to the 2015-2016 Choraliers! Soprano Felicia Inomata Anna Wang Abigail Findley E. M. Bower Virginia Langmaid Aditi Deo Sophie Gruber Madie Lang Shelby Moss Alto Emily O’Toole Corina Yanes Hallie Roberts Ashley Walls Kelsie Stone Lacey Moss Tori Ikpeamarom Samantha Sanderford Morgan Carson Tenor Chase Morris Riley Carson Khalil Alame Jackson Schroeder Will Cole […]

Student Officers 2015-2016

Co-Presidents Emily O’Toole, Samantha Sanderford Vice Presidents Felicia Inomata, Anna Wang Executive Secretary Chase Morris Secretaries Megan Lee, Amanda Miller, Jacque Power Public Relations Sophie Gruber, Madi Lang Middle School Liaisons Shanetta Cummings, Ashley Lavender Outreach and Recruitment Ashley Walls Assistant Outreach and Recruitment Melina Ianiello, Heidi Middeke Historians Elyssa Hochberger, Caroline Knight, Se-Se Rueten Thanks to all who applied!